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Version June 2021

Summative & formative testing (formatief en summatief toetsen)

  • The academy has two ways of testing: formative and summative testing. The summative tests will be assessed with a grade and the formative test are meant for the individual learning process of the student and are not assessed with a grade;
  • Throughout the study program, student’s development will be assessed through formative and summative tests, assignments and the final test at the end of the year. The complete schedule of all test moments throughout the year can be found in the overall planning and the LMS.

Test levels (toetsing niveaus)

  • Testing is done according to the six test levels of Bloom: knowledge, insight, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The further the student progresses in his studies, the more competences are addressed.
  • The aim is to properly address all levels in tests. In general, the first three levels are mostly applied in the year 1 & 2 and the other levels are more represented in year 3 & 4. 
  • Tests are compiled with great precision based on the learning outcomes (eindtermen en leerdoelen).
  • Tests are independent and are administered by an external examiner. 

Requirements for qualification (kwalificatievereisten)

  • To qualify for a (first-, second- or third-) year certificate, the following must be completed with a ‘sufficient’ grade (5.5 or higher):
    • all summative tests;
    • all assignments during the year (passed, no grading);
    • all formative tests (passed, no grading);
    • the final exam: MC questions, open questions and essay questions. All parts of the Final Exam will be integrated in one grade. This means that in case one of the parts of the exams (MC questions, open questions, essay questions) is graded insufficient, students can compensate this with the other two parts of the exam.

Taking a test again (testen overdoen)

  • In case a summative test has not been passed, the student gets a re-examination opportunity. The student will make an appointment for this with the teacher. In case the student has not passed this second test, then it is decided in consultation with the teacher what the next step should be.
  • In case a student cannot take the test before the requested deadline, the student must then contact the teacher him/herself. If the student fails to do so, the teacher can put the summative test on ‘not passed’. 
  • In exceptional cases – for example in some cases of disease – a student can apply for an extra final exam opportunity. These requests should be sent to the directors of the Academy and the ‘third term of examination’ will be planned after the date of re-examination.

Requirements assignments (vereisten huiswerkopdrachten)

  • All assignments need to be handed in before the date of the final exam. In case the student is not able to complete all the assignments in time, he/she needs to get in contact with the student mentor. 
  • In case the student has not been able to hand in all assignments before the date of the final exam, he/she will get a second possibility to do so after the final test and only after the student mentor has agreed on this.  The second end date for handing in is the date of re-examination. 

Extension (studieverlenging)

  • The maximum duration for obtaining a (first-, second- or third- ) year certificate is two years. If the student wishes to make use of study extension, he/she should consult the student mentor.
  • After gaining the year certificate, it is possible for students to interrupt the study program for a maximum of one year. In case a student wishes to claim this, a request should be handed in at the directors.
  • The total duration of the 4-year-program should not be longer than 6 years. Exceptions to this can only be admitted by the directors.
  • In case students wish to continue their studies in a different year, this should be approved by the directors. In case of approval, the Academy charges administration costs. The Academy can reject such a request in case the size of the group will get to big or in case of a negative study advise.  

Registration for exam (registratie voor het examen)

  • Students will automatically be registered for each exam or assignment as part of the overall study program. This does not apply if you have received an exemption for a specific module of the program.
  • If the student is, for any reason, not able to participate in the final exam, the student needs to inform the Delight Office as soon as possible, but certainly 2 days before the exam at the latest.
  • In case the student is suddenly prevented from coming on the day of examination, the directors will decide if the student will get an extra change. This will only be done in urgent cases.

Attendance requirements (aanwezigheidsverplichting)

  • Attendance of the study weekends should be at least 75%. In case attendance is less than 75%, an extra assignment can be given by the Academy over the summer. Online lessons are part of the attendance when the student is present during the lesson.
  • In case a student has missed a practical block, the student will get in contact with the teacher and he/she will advise the student how to catch up with this. An obligatory assignment can be given by the teacher. 
  • The massage module applies the following: in order to ensure that students achieve their learning goals, they need to attend this block as a condition to receive a year certificate. In case students miss more than one day of this block, they need to catch up at their own responsibility and costs. More information can be given by the section of massage teachers.
  • In case a student has missed a theoretical block, the student should catch up by asking a fellow student. Recordings of lessons are only provided as a result of the corona situation. When life teaching is possible again, recordings will not be provided anymore.

Examination Committee (examencommissie)

  • Two members of the examination committee check each final fest and assess it on HBO conform (bachelor) level. One of them is the external and independent member.

Rules on the day of the final exam (examen regels bij afname)

  • Students must be on time: In case a student is 15 minutes late, he/she can be refused to class and not able to take the exam. This is your own responsibility.
  • When students have finished a part of the exam, they can leave the space silently. In the last 30 minutes of the exams, no student may leave the space as this becomes disturbing for the other students.
  • In case the student has a question for the examiner, your hand should be raised and no talking is allowed. The examiner will come to the table of the student.
  • Eating and drinking is allowed, as long as the student stays absolutely silent and does not make crumbles on the floor.
  • Talking to fellow students during the exam is absolutely forbidden. Student risk being disqualified and for that reason not having passed the exam. Student’s next change will be the re-examination.
  • Students should always follow the instructions of the examiner.
  • Students with dyslexia are allowed to make their exam on a laptop and will get 30 minutes more time in the morning and 30 minutes more time in the afternoon. Admission of the student mentor for this should always be given in advance. Students cannot claim this on the day of examination itself.
  • In case the exam is online, it is not allowed to take the exam with anyone other than yourself. In case of fraud, the exam will not be validated.

Results of the exam (examenresultaten)

  • Students will be informed about their results at the latest two weeks after the examination.
  • Students who have not passed the exams, will get a phone call, students that passed the exams will get an e-mail.
  • The Program Director is end-responsible for the correction and assigning the grades. Teachers are also involved in correction.
  • A grade list with the results of the summative tests and the results of the final test are part of the year certificate.

Disagreement on the result (oneens met de uitslag)

  • In case a student does not agree with the result of his/her exam, the student is asked to get in contact with the Program Director. The Program Director can decide to ask another teacher to review the work again.
  • In case the student still does not agree on the result of the exam, he/she can hand in a complaint at the secretary of the Examination Committee ([email protected]) within 14 days after the final results. Rolf Bron is the external and independent member of the committee.
  • The appeal committee examinations ([email protected])) deals with complaints in case the issue cannot be solved by the Examination Committee. Complaints need to be handed in 14 days after the decision of the examination committee.

These regulations (Reglement) can be found on our website: https://delightacademy.com/exam-regulations and in the LMS.