Tuition Fees

Year I

Early bird

Tuition fee
  • No deposit will apply
  • Full payment before 15 April 2022
  • *Application fee and study manuals excluded


Tuition fee
  • Deposit of €350 paid after acceptance
  • Full payment before 1 August 2022
  • *Application fee and study manuals excluded

Three installments

Tuition fee
  • Deposit of €350 paid after acceptance
  • First payment before 1 August 2022
  • *Application fee and study manuals excluded

Additional fees & costs

Application fee: €125
A one-off application fee will be applied upon registration. The application fee is €125 and is non refundable.

Academy manuals and readers: €150
Mandatory manuals and readers will be provided by the Academy upon payment of €150. The amount will be added when paying the full tuition fee or first installment.

Additional books: ca. €150
The Academy will provide a list of additional literature. Purchasing the books is the student’s responsibility and the amount is not included in the tuition fee.

Residential teachings: ca. €360
Students will spend four days on an external location in The Netherlands. Residential teaching costs vary per year. They are approximately €360 and they include accommodation, food and drinks.

Year II to IV

After successful completion of the study year, students will automatically be enrolled in the following year. Students will be informed about the tuition fee at least three months beforehand.


Costs other than the tuition fee

  • Academy manuals and readers: ca. €150
  • Additional books: ca. €150
  • Residential teachings: ca. €370
  • Professional liability insurance at Balans Insurances Nederland (obligatory): €65
  • Year IV: Depending on the type of internship, extra costs for travel, insurance, accommodation, food and drinks will apply.