Delight Academy Ayurveda Clinic

We currently have no clinic days

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A unique opportunity to receive Ayurvedic consultations and treatments from our Ayurvedic Physicians and to restore your balance at our own Academy Ayurveda Clinic.

Visit our Ayurveda Clinic

Our clinic is to guide our students in their last year before becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner. They can put everything they have learned into practice by watching and assisting in the consultations and treatments that are done by the Ayurvedic Physicians (Vaidya).
Our Ayurvedic Physicians will also offer consultations without the presence of any students. These consultations are limited as they will only be in The Netherlands once or twice a year to teach at our Academy.

What is an Ayurvedic consultation?

A consultation consists of two parts. Part I is an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your health; your current complaint(s), (disease) history and a pulse & tongue evaluation. Also your constitution (Prakriti) and your imbalance (vikruti) will be assessed. Part II is the recommendation part. This treatment plan consists of recommendations on diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and supplements. If relevant also yoga, pranayama and natural home remedies. A short explanation of all recommendations will be given. The consultations are in English.
Can we help treat your issues?
Clients of all ages are welcome. There is no minimum age, children with health issues can have great benefits from the consultations. We look at all sorts of complaints. If you have any doubt if we can treat your complaint, please contact us.


Your consultation will be in our private clinic in Laren. The address will be shared when the consult is booked. Sometimes we also offer treatments in one of our external locations or we coordinate possibilities for Panchakarma at the clinic of one of our Ayurvedic Physicians.


The costs are depending on the type of consultation or treatment. Check upcoming dates for more information on dates and prices.

Terms and conditions

  • For an appointment to be confirmed, payment must be received by Delight Academy.
  • If the consult is cancelled 48 hours before the schedule or earlier, then a refund is possible. Beyond this period, your payment will be forfeited. See the policy here.

Waiting list

If all clinic slots are booked you can contact us to be put on the waiting list. Waitlisted clients will be contacted if there are cancellations.


If you have any questions or you want to be contacted for the next possibility for visiting the clinic, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

Ayurvedic Vaidyas

The Ayurveda Doctors available are:

Picture of Dr. Shaleish Muli

Vd. Shailesh Muli

Available for consultations at the Academy Clinic in Laren

Picture of Dr. Sayali Kendarkar

Vd. Sayali Kendarkar​

Available for treatments at Kaldenbroeck Center in Lottum

Dr. Vijith Sasidhar

Vd. Vijith Sasidhar

Available for consultations in the Academy Clinic in Laren and Panchakarma treatments in Kerala, India.