Delight Academy Amsterdam offers authentic and profound training in the sciences of Ayurveda. During our Ayurveda Practitioner Study, highly experienced teachers will dive into the world of Ayurveda with you. They are committed to providing you with open and inspiring education, allowing you to uncover your own potential.


Discover the world of Ayurveda with us during our 4 year Ayurveda Practitioner Study or one of our inspiring extensive workshops

Learn more about our study and workshops, or sign up for one of our open days

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

This program is for anyone who is interested in becoming an Ayurveda Practitioner or wants to deepen their professional knowledge in the field of ayurveda. The APS is an in-depth study program where the whole scope of philosophical, scientific, spiritual and practical parts of ayurveda is combined. You will develop skills to support (future) clients on their path to health.

Open Days

Delight Academy organises open days frequently for you to explore and learn more about the Ayurveda Practitioner Study, ask all your questions and to meet the faculty teachers and staff. You can also find out more about other courses and events. Our Open Days are hosted on location and online.

Our courses and workshops

Together with Delight Yoga our offering is ranging from 90-minute classes to a 60-hour course - and a variety of options in between. Our extensive offering is taught by our regular ayurveda teachers as well as (international) guest teachers. Our courses and workshops are held in Amsterdam (area) and online.

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Inspiration in Ayurveda

Beetroot meal
Delight Academy

Summer recipe: Beetroot Thoran

This delicious, summer recipe is always a success and easy to make. It even makes it more tasty when you can get those freshly harvested summer beets with green leaves still attached.  “Beet Thoran” is originally a recipe from Kerala with many chilies, spices and curry leaves, stirred in coconut

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Herbal Medicine Selection
Eva Dusch

Spices and the sense (and wisdom) of taste

Ayurveda believes that health is based on the six rasas or tastes. It’s not just what we experience directly on our tongue when we are eating our food, but also how we dance (or struggle) with all the flavours of life. We may not always be able to choose what’s

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ayurveda pulse diagnose
Delight Academy

Consultations with Vd. Vijith Sasidhar

Delight Academy is glad to inform you that Vd. Vijith Sasidhar is coming to the Netherlands and will be holding consultations for our Academy Ayurveda Clinic in Laren. This is a unique opportunity to receive an Ayurvedic consultation from one of our Ayurvedic physicians (Vaidya) and restore your balance. About

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